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Naturopathic Medicine

"I am thrilled that Dr. Bob is continuing his practice for his many loyal and new patients. As one of the very first patients many years ago, I remember that first visit like it was yesterday. His diagnoses and seminars were then, and continue to be, not only beneficial to the whole body, but educational building blocks.

I reflect on how lucky my family’s health has been over the many years, and how adversely different our health would have been if we did not have a Dr. Bob in our lives. He's always been there for us to listen to the whole story, the first step in experiencing wellness.

Our area is fortunate to have Gingko Natural Health, as Dr. Bob's healthcare will give patients the stress-free quality of life that naturopathy provides."

Jan K.

Natural Medicine

"My family and I were blessed to find Dr. Robert Murphy, ND over 37 years ago. He has cared for us all with compassionate and professional expertise ever since." 

Bob M.


"Good health is a balance of body, mind, and spirit. Holistic health is the definition of exactly this. Dr. Bob Murphy is an expert in both. His decades of experience, dedication, and compassion has allowed me to entrust him with my health for over 20 years. A professional where knowledge, power, and heart come together."

Janet S.

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